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After breakfast Sea Rose slipped her lines and headed for Plymouth, We did the washing up and I had to raise some orders so it was about an hour later that we left the Harbour. As we excited the Fowey Week yachts were out in force and what a joy it was to see them. There was very little wind and for this first time on this holiday we had some blue sky. It wasn't long before Linda slipped into her bikini top and got some rays as you never know when the sun will shine again (As it happened it didn't!). Very soon the pink sail was up and almost as quickly it was down again, even the pink sail needs some wind, so for the first time this holiday we needed to motor. We put the boat into tick-over hopping to catch some Mackerel.. after two hours the lines wet away and put the hammer down.

We arrived in Plymouth and were booked on to the Cattewater pontoon. We were supposed to raft up with another boat but there was a slight problem. the pontoon was designed to take four yachts and the first two yachts had not mored correctly to the end of the pontoon leaving little space for the bigger boats and our buddy boat had declined to moor. We have been in France and are quite used to over hanging and so we dived in. The buddy boat then came along side us.

We went ashore to have dinner on Sea Rose and to await Geoffrey's arrival as he had decided to join us for a couple of days and to watch the firework competition. Later that night the wind shifted to the east and we were being bashed by wash from passing boats, it was quite unpleasant.

When we woke up in the morning it was getting worse with 40-50knots forecast for the night, I quickly called QAB and booked us into the marina. I told the boat outside of us that we were going in and that they would need to let us out. Unfortunately they got caught in the tide and got pinned to the stern of our boat. They broke four stanchions on their boat and scratched our paintwork on the port side. They have a long keeled boat and I think that the ebbing tide caught them unexpectedly.

After we had moved into QAB we took a bus to pay a visit to my aunt and uncle who live in Plymouth. In the evening we returned an my cousin Simon and his girlfriend Sally joined us to watch the fireworks.

The next morning we all went to the National Aquarium, it was a bad time to go it was mobbed, I think that he best time to go would be a Monday morning in November! I honestly didn't like it, it is very poorly set out in a childish way, but I honestly think that kids would find it really difficult to follow the information, I did. Worse that that there were a number of factual errors and woke political miss-information which is very sad to see, this is supposed to be a scientific establishment but it is instead following a woke agenda.

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