We are not film makers but we will try to post a few video of our travels on this page. You can subscribe with YouTube or keep up-to-date with our blog.

Here is a selection of photographs taken over the years as a taster of what is to come. As we start our journey around the world we will build up a catalogue of videos and images.

Here is a contact form it looks very pretty. However my email address is not exposed to kill spam but if you want to send an attachment I will reply. Hey ho, this is a family blog so if you don't know my email then do not worry about it.

You must have a plan.


In an ideal world everything would be planned and nothing would ever go wrong, but life is just not like that so all we can do is make plans knowing that this isn't what we will actually do!

Lithium Conversion

We have taken the plunge and decided to go lithium. It is a big job one that is a hard decision. Lead acid is simple, robust and positively wasteful. Lithium is super efficient easy to charge, light and can deliver lots of power easily and the capacity is far greater. Read more about it here:

Tracking Sea Crusader - See where we are live!


We have a "Where is Sea Crusader" page, this uses AIS and will only update when our AIS signal is picked up. We found out that our AIS aerial was deck mounted and so the shore based aerials would lose us once we were five miles offshore ensuring upset at home!

Last year we were given satellite tracking devices by YB for the ARC baltic which works anywhere and usefully provides other interesting information such as speed and direction. We had to return these at the end of the rally or pay a huge fee. I am looking into other tracking alternatives to allow all our friends to stalk us!

Communications - How we communicate at sea


Sea Crusader has an array of communications including VHF, SSB, Sat Phone and normal mobile phones. Whilst we are in Europe the best way to communicate with us is to either call us, iMessage, WhatsApp or email.

When we start to go really off grid the best way to communicate with us will be via the "Contact Us" form on this site. This will take plain text email and pass it through a special mail server which will compress it into a tiny data parcel and we will be able to pic it up via either SSB (A seamen's version of ham radio) or Sat Phone.

Fancy a sail - don't be afraid to ask.


We plan to do a lot of sailing over the next few years and friends are always welcome when there is a fit. It is not always possible to accommodate everyone and there may not be a fit. If you want to join us for a leg or can help with a leg, don't be backward in coming forward just drop us an email and let us know.

Please do not be offended if we can't fit you in. If you do join us we expect you do help with cooking, cleaning and provisioning whist you are on board and to pay your own fares.

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