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Having left Falmouth we headed for Fowey which is one of our favourite destinations. the wind was blowing strongly from the south south west so we just used the main sail and we stormed along. We were quite excited as Sea Rose had departed from Howth in Ireland and were on there way to try to get to the Plymouth fireworks. It was an ambitious challenge as they were sailing two up and Sally still has restricted movement in her shoulder following her fall last year in Salcombe.

We arrived at the river and I called up the harbour master to request help with finding a suitable buoy to which he replied, just raft up a boat of a similar size… as if! We found a Rustler 42 and no one was on board. Linda and I had a discussion about how we were going to do it (in Salcombe the harbour master always helps with rafting up and connecting to the buoy), soon we were secured and I dropped the dinghy and put two lines to the buoy.

After a short trip tot he shore we returned the boat and settled down for a meal and to veg out in front on an episode if Inspector Montalbano, shortly after we had settled down all hell broke lose as a massive firework display began a short way away.

The next morning we went ashore and had lunch at the Royal Fowey Yacht Club, I had tried to get a hair-cut without luck. We noticed when signing in that Bill Blane of Batfish had been the day before but we hadn't see his boat in the harbour. During the day we had been following the progress of Sea Rose and it was obvious that they would be arriving in Fowey if they didn't stop in Falmouth instead. As it happened we exchanged text messages and Linda prepared a meal for us all. I put the boom lights on the boat and bang on nine a'clock they arrived just as it was getting dark and rafted up against us. They had had a very long sail and the last thing Sally would want to do was to cook a meal so this was perfect and what a lovely evening we had. The next morning we have breakfast together and then we left.

We had been very luck as it was "Fowey Week" with their own regatta taking part so there was quite a spectacle in the harbour with all the traditional boats racing, better still we had a free firework display the first night. In all a splendid couple of days.

  • Sea Crusader rafted up next to a Rustler 42 mid river.
  • The pint sized car ferry just north of the town centre

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