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Day 77 Borkham

7AM we are up and have had breakfast and ready to go. We are singled up, engine running. Nigel lets go of the bow line, I am on the helm, he turns around to release the stern line and falls straight over a ships cleat. (*!%‹#), I held the boat with the thruster and hoped off and re-tied the boat. Nigel was in a lot of pain for a few minutes but the adrenalin must have cut in because soon after we were off again.

We passed out of Borkham and were on our way West. After about 4 miles Nigel said that he really had a problem with his leg and needed to see the doctor. We returned to the harbour but by this time there was a space for us on the West side near the cafe. After we were safely moored I went to the cafe to ask about x-ray facilities and we were told that Nigel would have to see a Doctor first and were given an afternoon appointment.

Nigel then spent the rest of the day trying to work out how to get back to the UK by public transport, but it involved a ferry to the mainland, a bus tot he station, then several trains and a trip to the airport but as BA were in strike the flights were £600 one way. Sally offered to drive to the Hook of Holland … none of the options were good.

The doctor strapped Nigel's leg ad said nothing was broken. We bought some food for the boat, had a nice meal in town and then got a taxi to the boat. That night we decided that the easiest way back to the UK was for Nigel to helm Sea Crusader and I would become the deckhand.



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