What are we doing?

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Day 78-80 To Hamble, take 2

We left Borkham unable to get any fuel. the arrangement for fuel at Borkham is cash only and is delivered in cans when they get around to it. The boat behind us in the marina only came in for fuel and did not get any fuel whilst we were there, he was still waiting.

The weather forecast was such that we had to keep going as bad weather was forecast to arrive on the 11th. We left and had initially thought that we would hog the French side of the coast, but the approaches to Belgium and Calais would be in the dark and the shallows look really intimidating. As there were only two of us on board we decided to take the offshore route, the exact opposite of the outward journey which is what we did.

The journey went very well without any drama. The main problem was that the wind was completely on the nose and it was only when we got to Selsey Bill that we could actually sail. It was such a shame, I have filled the boat with with Fuel in Russia only having used ½ our tanks to get there but we arrived back in the Hamble on fumes.

I am so grateful for Nigel sticking it out and for all the other crew who participated in this adventure.

I have not made plans for next year but I have some ideas.



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