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Cala d'Hort

It is only four and a half miles from Espalmador to Cala d'Hort and whilst our batteries needed a boost we sailed it. It was a really nice place and we swam and read books and in the afternoon we went ashore for a drink. There are three restaurants in the bay. A really expensive restaurant with great reviews for the food but very mixed reviews for the service and a lot of people unhappy with the arrogance of the staff. We walked passed the medium restaurant which looked very nice but didn't have a bar and went to the cafe/restaurant for a drink. All the tables were reserved but we persuaded them to let us stay a short while for a drink, we had to ask two different waiters, the first shooed us away. The location was lovely so we took a few photos. On the way back to our boat we booked a table for the following day at the mid-priced restaurant.

Linda did not sleep that well during the night as there was some rolling in the anchorage, nothing bad just a bit of unexplained swell. As usual we had a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit and juice - it is magical. In the morning boats move and there is a shuffle for space. We could have re-anchored but we were very happy where we were, we were not to far away from the shore so we didn't move. Shortly a British flagged X yacht arrived with three(+1) middle aged ladies on board.

We had a great meal in El Carmen, we ordered salt encrusted Sea Bass it was a fair price i.e. it was a fixed price and not sold by the kilo so there were no unexpected costs. We saw the four ladies try to get a table in our restaurant but they were turned away so they went to the other restaurant. After we finished our meal we went to the other restaurant and invited them to join us on Sea Crusader for a night cap if they weren't too tired. They were delighted and rather unnecessarily brought a bottle of wine. It was a really nice evening swapping stories and recommending places and restaurants etc. Tomorrow we will continue our clockwise exploration of Ibiza as the wind is moving south so the anchorages we have been in are now exposed to those winds.

  • Outsite the bar
  • Linda had a Mojito


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