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Keith Jones had been very keen for us to go to Espalmador but unlike the time when he went the bay has been filled with buoys to protect the eel grass. The result is that you cannot go there unless you book and pay for a buoy. The sad thing is that they charge by length, so two different boats using the same buoy are charged different prices, there is no justification for that. In a marina is it understandable that the prices are different because you are taking up more space but a mooring is a mooring and space is not the issue.

We booked, we had been at anchor for three nights so we hadn't spent any money so splashing out seemed ok. We stopped off on the way and anchored outside El Savina and took the dinghy ashore. We could not go into the marina €598 for us! The anchorage is not recommended because the harbour has so much traffic you constantly roll but it was a good stop for us to go to a cash machine and buy a few provisions. We had to hurry because the meter was running on our mooring in Espalmador and if it wasn't for that it would have been a great stop for lunch with so many nice restaurants around the marina.

As we approached Esplamador we could see a large boat in front of us talking to the harbour master, he was soon turned away. Next it was our turn, "have you booked sir?", yes I replied, "please wait here" then the harbour master could be seen talking on a radio or telephone, presumably checking up on our story."Follow me". We were well organised with lines ready on the bow, When picking up a mooring you either haver to use your own lines or they will have a strop that you have on deck and secure to a cleat. You have no advanced waring as to what you will find. We were led to a mooring and the harbour master quickly passed our lines through the mooring and we were secure. Soon I launched the dinghy and added a second line for safety.

We had a delicious lunch in the cockpit of tapas, this came prepackaged from the supermarket we had visited earlier. It contained several local cheeses, some Ibieico meats and some cured meats like pepperoni. It was blow me away delicious and if only we had known we would have bought a few more packets. The water was again azure blue but this time it was so well protected that it really was quite calm.

We decided to go to the shore and the long white sandy beach was lovely, this was a truly great stop. The only thing that spoilt it was the constant comings and goings of "Tripper boats" who would arrive in a blaze of music and deposit 200 people on the beach for an hour and then cart them off again only for another tripper boat to replace them and this goes on all day until about 7pm. What should be a tranquil place of serene beauty is simply ruined by the greed to the locals, it is such a shame. Spain has not the balance correct between tourism and over tourism, in some cases less is more.

We have since found that in settled whether it is possible to anchor outside the cove in almost open water and go to the beach. We might do this if we return. The trick about all the places is to learn some local knowledge. We know for example that you could go there for the day and in a short distance anchor somewhere else for the evening.

  • Have you ever seen water like this?


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