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2020 Lockdown and re-fit

Sailing in 2020 is has been completely put on hold. We had planned winter maintenance and a couple of new additions during the winter and then take the boat to the Mediterranean in the summer; Covid 19 out an end to that. The plan was to have a new watermaker fitted, a new SSB and to repair the bent pulpit, this was an issue to me as people seem to think that I bent it!

It has not turned out quite the way we expected. When the boat was lifted we found that last years copper-coating had reacted with the epoxy and it all had to come off. To resolve the issue Desty rubbed it all back to gel coat then gel shielded it and then copper-coated it on top. In for a penny in for a pound we decided to have the top sides re-painted at the same time too. After a long search looking at lots of different products we decided to go with the brand new AWL Grip HDT that 's 4 coats of colour and 3 of clear. It was such a new material that AWLGrip supervised its application and in the end they painted it three times!

Jonny came home and insisted that I bought some 2-part teak deck treatment called "Teak Wonder". I was amazed it worked like a treat and the deck simply looks amazing, it is helpful to have a professional in the family.

  • Job off ready for taking the boat ashore
  • Not my fault!
  • JR strikes the right note



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