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Roscoff to Helford

At 2am Linda awoke me as there were some fishing vessels (Yachtsmen's worse nightmares), fishing vessels keep changing directions and often do not broadcast AIS as they are in stealth mode less a competitor sees where they are fishing. Not using AIS in thick fog is beyond stupid, the fishermen are reliant on other people broadcasting their AIS whereas if we all switched off our AIS we would be crashing into each other. We were soon past the fishing vessels and there was nothing ahead just a clear evening.

Linda slept in the saloon, which is unfortunate for me as I like to have spoken word podcasts on when I am doing my watch but this is impossible if someone is sleeping ion the saloon. The fog persisted our arrival time was still showing at 04:30 which is before daylight. As my watch continued the wind moved further back and I let out full sail and our arrival time slipped to 6am, perfect.

It wasn't until we were level with the Lizard that the fog lifted (Sort of) and we had some visibility. Ian the harbour master had suggested a buoy we could pick up on arrival, it was near the entrance and as soon as we tied up we both crashed out and fell into a deep sleep.

We awoke at 10am and immediatly decided to move further up the river to get out of the wash and we were really lucky as we found a vacant green buoy that was rated up to sixty feet (perfect). We decided we would stay two days. We were now in the middle of a mooring field with lots of other boats around us with providing much interest as they came and went.

On Friday we had intended to go up the river but by the time I had finished working to the tide was ebbing and it dries out at the head of the river sop it wasn't really an option. We went to the Shipwrights for lunch instead. We opted for an inside table but as it turned out it was really protected and sitting outside would have been better. We made on mistake we should have booked a table for 12 noon not 1pm as high tide was 2pm and we were nearly aground but the time we were ready to go back to the boat.

  • Believe it or not if you looked up the sky was blue but the fog was about 40-50 feet thick.

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