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Day 50 Dublin

Richard and Charlotte arrived by taxi from the airport on Friday evening in time for a delicious meal Linda had cooked.

The next day we were up and Adam as we had lot of ground to cover. We walked to the train station where we caught the "The Dart" train from Dun Loghre to Dublin centre. When we arrived we went straight to the modern art gallery. After that we had a splendid lunch in a very smart restaurant whose name I have quite forgotten.

We then walked into the centre and I found the Levis shop, I had been trying to buy a new pair of jeans all summer and this was the first place selling Levis. after that we headed for the Jameson's distillery where Richard and Charlotte had booked a tour for us all. The man who gave us the tour was very loud and very funny and most interesting of all was the difference between Jameson's whisky and Scottish whisky.

On Sunday we all went to the National Gallery of Ireland and what an amazing place that was. It is full of gold. If seems that the invading Vikings hid lots of gold in the Peat bogs before going off to do battle only to get killed. Then a thousand years later it is dug up for mulching for someones garden. In one bog one part of a container was dug up in the 1930's only for the other half to be dug up on the 1990's. In may ways this was one of the highlights of our visit.

Later Linda and I went to see the Book of Kells while Richard and Charlotte went to the immigration Museum. After that we all met and walked to a bar on the banks of the Liffy and drank Guiness, I have to say not one of us liked it enough to ever drink it again.

Tomorrow we have an early start as it is a long way to Waterford.

  • Tramping the streets of Dublin
  • River Liffey
  • The Natiojnal Galery of Ireland
  • More Guiness
  • Well you have to in Ireland



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