What changes have we made?

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Re-Spray and re-Coppercoat again

2020 is the year of Covid and after a long lock down we had the boat lifted. We had been tot he Baltic in 2019 and during this trip we found lots of things that didn't work or that we simply wanted fixing. We also had a short list of upgrades that we decided to do…

  1. Replace the Seafresh 240V water maker with a Desalator D100 Automatic Freedom
  2. Fit the new DSC SSB from I-Com IC-M803, and by new I mean it was just launched on the market.
  3. Repair the bent dolphin watching seat, it had obviously had a line caught on it before we purchased the boat.
  4. I called up Raymarine and negotiated a COVID discount and bought a complete set of Axion plotters, radar and autopilot

This was quite enough to be going on with but should put the boat in a great position for blue water sailing which we hope to start in 2021…..

The boat was lifted and jetted of and then taken in the yard to Desty's to get the work done. Unfortunately the Copper-coating from the previous year has what I can only describe as the measles. We had a surveyor look at the work and he concluded that the original owners had had the boat epoxied and it had been under catalysed and that it was our responsibility to pay for it. It was a financial disaster because they had to grind the hull back to original gell coat add gel shield and then copper-coat again. In for a penny in for a pound we decided to paint the hull at the same time. The traditional choice is Allcraft 2000 or Algrip. Allcraft 2000 is repairable but very soft and we had it on Diamond blue and it was awful it used to rub off on anything. Algrip is so had it cannot be repaired. Luckily for us Algrip have a new paint out called HDT with is super shiny has a clear-coat on top and can be repaired. We also decided to modernise the appearance and smarten the boat up with silver boot stripe and what a splendid change it has made.

The Desolator D100 is a 100l per hour 24V water maker which could not be easier to operate you simply turn the on knob to make water. We were very lucky as Advanced Yacht (UK distributor for Desalator) appointed Toby Hague of Keto Marine to do the install and all I can say is what a fantastic job he has done I am so pleased with his work and would throughly recommend him.

It has all cost a lot of money but we are mightily pleased.

  • Undercoated and copper-coat being removed
  • New watermaker
  • Icom IC-M803 SSB fitted
  • New decals which we think are very smart.


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