What changes have we made?

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No more lost impeller blades on our Onan Generator

Anyone with an Onan generator 11kw will know that they are prone to eating impellers. Broken impeller blades are a pain at the best of times but on Discovery 55's the generator is in a hole in the ground and so access tot he heat exchanger is almost impossible. I decided to fix the problem once and for all and so I have now fitted this in-line filter and any broken blades will be collected in it. You will notice that after assembling it and photographing it I found out that I have put the pressure gage in the wrong side of the filter although I doubt it will make much difference because with broken blades the system will lose pressure but it will lose more pressure on the other side of the filter.

You will also notice that I have replaced the waterpump, a small leak caused some case rusting and this will be re-painted next winter.


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