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Leaking Hatches Replaced

When we bought the boat I noticed that the two small hatches on the deck had a tendency to trap sheets underneath and I ordered two Moonlight hatches that when fitted go right down to the deck. Unfortunately Houdini the UK distributor did not have them in stock in the UK and they had to be ordered. They did not arrive in time for me to have them fitted before we left to the Baltic. At this point I had no idea we had a problem.

We were stuck in Dover for a few days waiting for storms to pass through and we ventured out into the rough and very quickly found that both hatches were leaking worse than sieves. We returned to Dover and I asked Houdini to overnight the hatches to Dover and helpfully M & P Marine Services fitted them in the afternoon and we were able to leave the next evening.

Another problem solved and great looking too.

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