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What changes have we made?

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2019 Re-fit Part 2

Any Discovery Series 1 owner knows the time will come when the windows will need replacing. We didn't really know how bad our windows were when we bought the boat but once we looked into it we knew we didn't want to replace like with like. The original windows were supplied by Houdini and they were a powder coated frame with double glazing. This seemed a good idea at the time but as we all found out powder coating aluminium in a saltwater environment does not work.

Our options were to have anodised aluminium frames in standard silver or black anodised frames which we know will go brown in time. Neither option appealed. What we really wanted was frameless windows so that this issue would never rear its head again in our ownership. We contacted Discovery yachts who initially said yes, then said no. I spoke to Houdini and they too said no. So I left it.

In January Linda and I went to the Dusseldorf boat show and for any one who has not been I thoroughly recommend it. It is all inside but 100% yachting ands every boat you have heard of and many you have not will be there. Together with halls devoted to bits. Whist walking through whom should we meet Houdini. I only stopped because I wanted some better flush mounted windows on my deck and they seemed to have some and I may order them. Whilst we were talking them I lamented the saloon windows and Houdini told us that they have a new range of "Invisiline" windows and they thought that they could make some. So I booked an appointment and as soon as the show was over they arrived in Hamble with a laser scanner and the deal was done. We were to be the first boat with the new windows and now I needed someone to fit them. There are a number of yards that could do the work but ultimately I decided to go to Desty's at Hamble point. They had a brilliant foreman for want of a better word and it was a leap of faith. We agreed that the work would be charged on an hourly basis and I went there on the first day to see how the old windows would release from the hull, some early boats had their windows stuck in with Sikaflex but we were lucky because by the time out boat had been made they had changed to a different compounds and they just pushed out making the change easy.

The fitting of the windows was largely uneventful and any problems were met with a shrug rather than making a drama out of a crisis or telling me that there would be extras they simply got on with the job. there are enough stresses in life without worrying about bills and so the end result was fair and I have not complaints and no hesitation in recommending them.

  • Frames in
  • Windows are in but proud of the deck saloon at this time.
  • Waiting to be wrapped.
  • Wrapped and now awaiting mastic etc.
  • Job done and looking resplendent.
  • Internal view when finished... saving for Oceanair blinds now.


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