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What changes have we made?

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2019 Re-fit Part 1

I am writing this in two parts because so much was done. The boat was lifted on the 15th April and the first thing that happened was the rig was removed. The standing rigging was 12 years old and uninsurable. This was done by Performance Rigging at Hamble Point Marina. No major faults were found but it is something for which a sinking fund is required as it will need to be done again in 10 years time.

You can see from the photo that there is an issue with the copper coating it looks like a patchwork quilt and so I have asked Desty Marine to re-copper-coat the boat while it is in their shed. So, why is the boat going in their shed… Well for anyone who does not know about Discovery 55's, Discovery made a huge mistake with the specification of the windows. As a new manufacturer of luxury yachts they tried not only to make a very practicable boat that sailed well but also one that was cutting edge and good looking. In theory this was a good idea but not one that worked out well, they made two mistakes in the specification, firstly they specified powder coated window frames and secondly they made them double glazed. I cannot imagine how powder-coating aluminium window frames for use in a salty environment was every thought of being a good idea, yes you can match the paint colour but it obviously isn't going to withstand the elements and so it proved. After 12 years the window frames were corroding and had to be replaced. The second fault was double glazing, we didn't actually have any problems with double glazing all of our windows were air tight but we know of other boats who once they reached the tropics found that the windows popped and has condensation on the inside for ever more.

The last thing we needed investigating was the rudder. The surveyor pronounced our rudder as unfit after a tap of his well worn hammer and experienced ear. Personally I didn't see a problem with it but who am I to argue. So as quick as a flash Desty got out their angle grinder to open the rudder and what did they find inside… Well I have posted the photographs of the inside of the rudder and you could see two problems, the first was that is was partially waterlogged and the second and more worryingly was the way the rudder was attached to the stock. the stock has two L shaped tabs and I would describe the attachment at "tacked" on. Desty's set about the work and re-built the inside and now the rudder will withstand an Orca attack(Well I think so, but I don't want to find out).

  • Corroded window frames
  • The opened rudder showing the waterlogged wadding
  • Notice how there is virtuaslly no attachment to the stock
  • The finsished repaired rudder ready for closing.


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