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We love Fowey

We are on our summer holidays! We love Fowey, but why is it always terrible weather? Yesterday we left Salcombe and sailed to Fowey. We gave our new water-maker a good test and arrived with nearly full tanks fantastic.

This morning we awoke to slightly overcast weather but it was not raining . Next weeks weather forecast looks like it might be a bit dodgy we will have to see how that goes. We decided to stretch our legs and took the dinghy ashore and walked was far as we could go along the Esplanade until we reached the last cove. We then decided to go to the Royal Fowey Yacht club to book a meal for the evening. We were given the third degree to make sure we were really visiting yachtsmen and not just tourists! We went back to the boat and opened a bottle of fizz and read books.

In the evening we went for our meal which was slightly under whelming after the meal at the Salcombe Yacht club, but lockdown hasn't doe our yacht club any favours either.

When we returned from our meal we found that the pontoon was full of boats and ver soon afterwards we received a knock on the hull inviting us to join everyone else for (Socially distanced) drinks on the pontoon. What a splendid evening we had.

  • We are moored on a pontoon that will accomodate 6 boats
  • Out for a walk
  • We walked all along the Esplanarde as far as we could go.
  • What better way to spend an afternoon after a good stretch of the legs?
  • Early evening meal at the Royal Fowey yacht club



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