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Sandra Arrives

We arrived from Falmouth and sadly the Harbour master told us that there was no room for us up river and the only mooring he could offer us was the same two yellow buoys in the middle of the river we had taken on our last visit. This was very bad news as we knew a bad storm was coming in and we really wanted to be tucked up the river a bit further.

Not everything is terrible though because our friends Graham and Ginny had arrived in the marina at Kingswear and so we all went out for a meal. When we got back to our dinghy the weather was starting to get a bit boisterous. It is the first time I have sat up all night on "anchor' watch when tied between buoys. I was concerned that the mooring lines which were set up as a bridal were chafing on the anchor. We had gusts of 70kts that night I never got a winks sleep.

The next day (Wednesday) the weather was awful all day with cloud hanging over Dartmouth our friends Sue and David collected us from the shore and took us to their house in Brixham for lunch.They have a lovely house that over looks Torbay and their boat which is kept in Brixham Marina. Later once we had returned, Graham and Ginny came over to the boat for drinks which was nice. However the storm came back again as soon as the light fell and once it was dark the winds came in at over 50knts.

On Thursday it brightened up a bit but was still blowing a hooley. As we are members of English Heritage we were able to book tickets for the castle so we went ashore for the tour at our allotted time. After we walked through the town in search of a pub that was open.This was a nice finish to Linda's last day as tomorrow she departs and Sandra arrives.

Today Linda left early on the steam train to Paignton and the train to Godalming from there. Meanwhile Sandra arrived and I collected her in our dinghy from town quay.



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