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Salcombe Day 2 a change in the weather

Yesterday we awoke to a foggy start, but we were really excited because because we were expecting Vanessa from Nauteriors to arrive with our new bedding. Vanessa arrived by boat and went to work fitting all our new linen and it is absolutely fantastic, highly recommended.

After she left we headed into town for a shocking meal at the Salcombe Harbour and Spa Hotel. The hotel is stunning but no one is in charge of the restaurant and watching what is going on. the service we received from the staff was terrible and the way our food was served was also terrible. the chef would have been really upset buy the service if he had known. My soup arrived with not only the contents spilled on the side but also the waiters thumb was in it. i am not sure what was worse the thumb in my soup or the drink arriving after the starter!

Today is a much nicer day and we went into town for lunch at the Salcombe Yacht Club. It was fantastic, the food was excellent and that had nothing to do with the jug of Pimms we consumed with it.

  • We have the buoy to ourselves.
  • Three cheers for Nauteriors, thanks Vanessa.
  • The weather won't stop us from going out.
  • How not to serve soup
  • Salcombe Yacht Club
  • Salcombe Yacht Club with Pimms
  • A view from the terrace.



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