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Rota to Barbate

We have been delaying our arrival at the Strait of Gibraltar for over a week because of adverse winds and this morning it looked like we might have a chance to get to Gib. We set off at 7am and to our surprise the two boats moored near to us had already left.

The wind was directly on our nose and would remain so for the next 70 miles. We were now approaching Orca central Barbate has been the hot spot of Orca activity and we now had top keep our fingers crossed. They do head north around this time of year as the Tuna run finishes and there has been no damage to yachts for nearly two weeks so finger crossed.

The trip was un eventful with a steady 15 knots of wind on the nose it was just about bearable if you kept your head behind the spray hood. As we approached Barbate the wind started to pick up and our boat speed reduced from 7 knots to 5.8. Then once we were passed the tuna nets the wind picked up to 25 knots and we started to take water over the bow. It wasn't terrible we could easily have continued but… I was watching the two boats ahead and their boat speed had reduced to 2.8 knots. At that rate the last 25 miles were likely to take another 8 hours. I could see no point in that so I simply turned straight for Barbate which would be 40 minutes away down wind, bliss. Tomorrow the wind was going to drop even more and we would finally be able to get to Gibraltar then.

We tied up in Barbate and Linda and I headed off to the beach straight away, we needed a swim to get out of the heat. Ginny had work todo so she and Graham stayed on board. What a good decision, the beach was fantastic and there was a good beach bar there as well. We spent the afternoon in and out of the water and eventually Ginny and Graham called so we met at the bar.

Tomorrow we will try again.

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