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La Azohia to Puerto de Torrevieja

We left La Azohia and headed north. We decided not to stop at the Mar Menor, the Mar Menor is a sort of inland sea, it does not hold any appeal to either of us with green waters and lots of weed, a shallow entrance and a bridge which opens ever two hours and the first opening is 8am so no early starts. We decided to anchor in the harbour at Puerto de Torrevieja for two reasons, firstly it is free and secondly we wanted an early start because tomorrow we plan to cross to Formentera.

We were forced to motor from La Azohia past Cartegna but once we reached the corner we were able to pull out the sails and sail all the way to Puerto de Torrevieja. We were a little worried as whilst the pilot books show the harbour as having two anchoring zones there were some reports on line of the maritime police forcing people to go into the marina at €95 a night. We would if we had to but it was a waste of money to come in at 7pm and depart at 4am and have to pay for the privilege. Luckily, when we arrived there were about 28 boats all anchored so it seems it was not an issue.

  • Fish farms are a constant hazard


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