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He's been!

One of the strange parts of this year was making ourselves intentionally homeless in March when we sold our house Bay Trees. Since then Sea Crusader has become our home although we have to commute to it at weekends because we work to far away to live there permanently. Christmas has allowed us to stay at "home" for longer and what a Christmas.

We had planned to stay at our eldest sons house but due to the Covid restrictions we are not allowed to do that so we had a fantastic time with our youngest son Jonathan on Sea Crusader. Jonathan is back in the UK for training and will return to the super yacht business after his courses are completed. We decided to book a spot at the Southern so that we could run our heaters from shore power and to allow us to have easy access to land for a wonder. It was very quiet with only a couple of boats leaving the Hamble on Christmas day. I doubt that this will be the last Christmas we will spend aboard, a great success.

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