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Hamble to Plymouth

4am was the agreed time we would depart to get the tide so we were all up at 3:30. We did say to the Dick's you can sleep in we don't expect you to get up. Well they were more excited than we were! We gently slipped our lines and headed out into the Solent.

As we passed Cowes I said to Linda I think I am going to send a message to Maz asking if she is having a nice sleep in when low and behold Bolero popped up on AIS just exiting the River Medina. After a few WhatsApp messages back and fourth there were lots of smiles all around.

The trip to Salcombe was largely uneventful with adverse winds we spent a long time motoring, we had two hours of sailing across Lyme Bay. Arriving in Salcombe we were pleased to be allocated a lovely buoy near the town. It was too late to go ashore so after a fantastic meal we turned in.

In the morning it was Sally's 70th birthday and Linda opened some fizz and we had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, it was wonderful. Nigel and Sally are such good company.

We had booked The Crab Shed for lunch at 2pm (The only booking we could get) and so at around midday we decided to go ashore for a wonder around the shops. Linda lowered the dinghy and I started to lock up, aagh bang. Sally went down like a skittle and was clearly injured. We have no idea why she fell but there she was about to go for her 70th birthday lunch in a bad way. I called the harbour master to say we would need an ambulance and to bring the boat to the dock. He told me to call the coast guard which was good advice. The coast guard were able to talk directly to the hospital and were able to stretcher Sally off.

Sadly after being x-rayed it showed that Sally had broken both her wrist and her shoulder, not a good start. Nigel returned to the boat to collect all their things, their trip to Galicia was over.

The next day Linda and I sailed the boat alone to Plymouth with good winds on one tack, not the start we expected.

  • The Coast Guard - a good job done.



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