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Gibralta to Estepona

Our time in Gibraltar had come to an end and so the next stop was Estepona which is very convenient for Malaga airport. It was only some 20+ miles from Gibraltar so we were able to sail all the way very slowly. This was a nice finish for Graham and Ginny who will leave the boat in Estepona.

When we arrived we went to the "Arrivals" pontoon and I then had to toddle off the the marina office with papers and passports, yawn. The gave me cards and a berth number.

We moved the boat the allocated berth and no sooner had we tied up but the police arrived and again wanted to photograph our passports.

That evening we went off for a meal and passed an amazing lighthouse who beam was stunning at night. We spotted a French restaurant amongst what I can only describe as "restaurants" straight out of Blackpool. It was a lucky find and a great end to Graham and Ginny's trip.

  • Leaving Gib
  • Much like the Matterhorn the Rock of Gibraltar is something you can't take your eyes off.
  • Yippee sailing.
  • What a beam!
  • So long to the Nixon's.


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