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Falmouth to Dartmouth

We left Fowey on the 16th for Falmouth in the vain hope that we would be able to go to the Isles of Scilly. The forecast did not look promising but sometimes things change… Well they didn't, we had a reasonable sail in rather grey overcast weather but as soon as we arrived even before we tied up the heavens opened. After tying up and we went into the town when there was a break in the weather… the rain came back when we were half way down the high street, we dashed to a cafe for tea. After that we just went back to the boat to dry off.

Then yesterday Grace and Martin joined us for lunch as they just happened to be in the area, it was still raining so full marks to them for making the effort.
The forecast is terrible there are huge storms coming so we have decided to head back to Dartmouth and we will try to head up the river and get a buoy at Dittisham where it will be nicely protected.

We set off this morning and were joined by a pod of Dolphins for about 20 minutes. In the excitement we didn't go an get the cameras because experience teaches us that Dolphins attention span is usually about 40s so going below to get cameras usually means that they will be gone by the time your return. Eventually I had seen enough and I went below but this is al the footage I managed to get.

  • Grace and Martin
  • Early morning is my favourite time to go sailing



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