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Estepona - Cantarriján

We were very lucky, we were able to anchor for three nights off the beach at Cantarriján. This is an exposed anchorage and as long as the winds are either light or in the right direction we were ok, but I think it is luck that we were there at the right time. There were two beaches and two restaurants. The restaurants were lovely. For us is was so nice to be at anchor and able to simply jump in the sea to cool off although the sea was 26.4 degrees so I am not sure how much cooling off was happening!

The Spanish have a strange rule which is both good and bad. The first rule is boats have to stay 200m from the shore, but this also applied to tenders. So the only way to get ashore is to either row, swim or use a paddle board. If you do row then you can drop someone off but you can't land the boat. the only option therefore is to use Linda's paddle board… We are so lucky that Linda insisted upon it or we would have missed some good lunches!.

Needless to say neither of us had any lessons and so we found it tricky to go in a straight line and to stand up requires some practice.

  • She's up
  • Briefly!
  • But it's all good fun.
  • Linda makes a splash diving off the boat.


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