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Day 75 Cuxhafen

We left early to take the ebb downtime Elbe to Cuxhafen. It was an interesting journey as there was a lot more water than when we came in the other direction.

Everyone had warned us about the tricky entrance at Cuxhafen and how the tide rushes across the entrance but without boasting I didn't think it was tricky at all. The entrance is wide but it is possible that the ebb was not at its worse when we arrived.

We were lucky as we had to go down the first aisle and there was a berth available for us directly alongside on the pontoon. Selkie was already in Cuxhafen and they assisted nicely with directions as it is not obvious where to go and it looks like a blind ally. I was however able to calmly turn the boat 180 degrees in the confined space and park it without any difficulty.

We ate on Jolief again which was very kind, we provided the desert of Strawberry cheesecake.



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