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Day 74 Jolief returns

Nigel Dick (my saviour) arrived yesterday to help me bring Sea Crusader back tot eh Hamble. We moved the boat to Keil town harbour. That evening the crew of Jolief all returned having left their boat for about 10 days. We all went out for a splendid meal that evening on the quay.

The harbour master said we need to be there at 7am or 8am as the best time to go and he was correct. We left the harbour at 7:15 and we were let into the lock at about 8:45. If we had missed that lock we would have had to wait two hours.

The journey through the canal is tedious, there is lots of wildlife but also lots of car ferrys. Not much traffic, we saw only saw two or three other leisure vessels and we were not passed by a ship the whole journey. We did however meet quite a few going the other way. Jolief told us in the lock that they were going to Rensburg but we noticed when looking on AIS that they had driven straight past so that meant they were going to join us at Brunsbüttel. They did and they came to us for drink after and Nigel cooked an amazing chicken and tomato dinner.



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