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Day 69 Laboe (still!)

Sadly Linda left to return to work, and as the good weather continued I decided to go further afield to explore the beaches along that coastline. Well I could not believe it, only ½ mile from where Linda and I had stopped there was a long esplanade (Car free) that went for about 5 miles with silky white sand and no weed. I took my book and finished it in three days, it is not on Good reads yet but I will add it.

One day the weather was bad so I made a start on the huge jobs list, which included fixing the bilge pump, finding a leak in the fuel tank, sorting out a window that was loose and so on. Over the last few days I have finished all I can except those that cannot be done until I reach the UK and need professional help. Except one job, polishing the boat. Have polished the port side of the boat but not starboard yet.I will try to do it before I get the boat back to Southampton.



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