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Day 63 Laboe

When we came into Keil yesterday we sotted Laboe on the other side of the estuary to Keil it looked beautiful but we couldn't raise the harbour master to enquire of there was a berth available. In any event we just received a text from Jolief saying that thy were going to join us in Düstenbrook in Kiel, so we dropped the idea. So today we decided not to go through the Keil canal but to spend Lindas last three days in Laboe as the weather turned warm and sunny.

We motored across the bay to Laboe and had lines ready on both sides and we decided to just enter the harbour and hunt for an empty space. In Germany they have a red/green flag system. When a berth holder goes away they set their flag to green and the harbour master will re-set it to red the day before their return. If you see a bay with green flag you can use it. Because of our size we had to make sure that we knew where to look as we didn't want to end up in a bay with no room to turn around.

We moored the boat and immediately packed our beach stuff and headed for the beach. The first thing we did is stop at an Italian restraint and order two salads. Then we went to the beach and rented a funny little beach chair with foot stalls that you can pullout from a hidden canal below.

The water was very shallow and nearly impossible to swim, but we had a nice time. In the evening we went to the marina restaurant which was a lovely Italian as well.

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