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Day 53 Waterford to Cork

We left Waterford at the end of the ebb so that I could exit against the tide and extract Sea Crusader from her unconventional position. Are we progressed we were reminded that our depth Sounder was not working and so we kept strictly to the chart plotter as there are too many shallows to fall foul of. It seemed to take much less time to leave Waterford that to travel up river, I think that probably says more about perception at the end of a long sail than anything else with tides.

We had originally planned to stop at Youghal for a night on our way to Cork but the HLR had warned against it. He said that there is a feral element in the town and anything not screwed down will be stolen. He told us that he had confronted people trying to steal his dinghy and other boats had encountered people coming on board. I must say we were surprised to hear of these problems, I have never heard of these issues anywhere in Europe before, we were also a bit disappointed as it looked like an interesting place to visit.

We entered in Cork Harbour and were allocated a slightly disappointing berth on a hammerhead where we over hung by some 8-9 feet. It was ok but unnecessary as they had lots of other empty berths, they don't seem to have a good system of managing when berth holders are away so that they can offer them to visitors.

Linda's friend Sally's father Paul owns a house on the opposite side of the backwater where the RUYC is located and he had been following our progress and that evening he came over and we had drinks together in the club.

The next day, Richard and Charlotte's last, we all went into Cork where we visited a Castle and and the wonderful "English market". I have no idea why it is called "English Market" all I can say I wish we had such a market in England! it is simply fantastic, the only place I have seen like it is in Helsinki. It was full of concessions selling fresh fish, meat and deli, wonderful!

That evening Paul joined us for dinner on Sea Crusader and Linda cooked a chicken that she had purchased in the market. Tomorrow Richard and Charlotte are going to travel to Cork Airport to get a flight back tot he UK and Linda and I will sail to Falmouth. We are both a little disappointed because we have run out of time and didn't get to Kinsale. Kinsale is supposed to be the nicest destination in Ireland, everyone has been raving about it but we must return as my father is not well and I need to go back to work.

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