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Day 47 Bangor to Ardglass

We have only two days to get to Dublin to meet Richard and Charlotte and so we decided to go to Ardglass as Carlingford would mean being restricted by tides and we didn't have the time to relax and wait.

We left Bangor early in the morning and it was well surprise surprise foggy! No wind to speak of and so we were once again motoring but at least it wasn't a head wind. We called the marina to book space but we were told that we could not have the long pontoon as a 70+ footer was coming in.

As we approached we could see a very large boat tracking towards Ardglass from the east, given its direction of travel it must have come from the Isle of Man. The marina had told us to go on the second hammerhead. Although I had been to Ardglass a the start of our journey north and I knew it was shallow. I was somewhat taken back by the amount or should I say lack of manoeuvring room we had I some how I managed to perform a 20 point turn without running aground… Ardglass really is nothing more than a puddle, see the photo's below.

By the time we had tied up the light was falling and Linda and I went for a lovely walk and a drink. The first pub we went in looked lovely but we were totally ignored so we walked out. We passed another pub but it looked dire. We went back to the boat and eat on board as for tomorrow we were heading for Dublin.

Rather annoyingly after the effort of berthing the boat the "large" boat he was expecting never turned up. We think it was the boat behind us and we think it got cold feet.

  • Sea Crusader parked in a puddle in Ardglass
  • Turning on the spot! With no water I had no where to go but perform a masterclass in spinning a boat on the spot



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