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Bayona (Baiona)

On Friday most of the fleet had arrived. Linda went to the shops and I was fiddling about on the boat, something always needs fiddling with! Nigel had gone for a walk and then Linda turned up saying "Look who I have bumped into"… and there were David and Susan whom we first met in the ARC Baltic rally. So off we went to lunch and picked up Nigel on the way. It was so nice of them to hang around for us, they knew we were coming so they had timed their arrival to be here at the same time.

On Saturday we went to Santiago de La Compostela which is a Catholic place of pilgrimage. People walk from all over Europe to this place collecting stamps along the way to prove that they have walked. When they arrive they can submit their evidence and get a certificate. Beats me, I can't see the point but each to his own…

The city it self is small and compact and like most of Galicia everything is made of granite. Personally I like the granite in Aberdeen better but I digress. The city revolves around the huge cathedral which has been extended many times such that you cannot see anything really original out side. The interior is quite faithful to its origins.

One of the truly shocking thing to see in the town is the former nunnery. There are no windows below about 40 feet above ground and those that exist above were and are barred. The poor girls that were dumped by their families must have been held against their will in that awful place. How these people can pretend to be Christian I don't know.

Tomorrow we were hoping to go to the Cies islands but you cannot go without a permit and I have applied three times for a permit without reply. As it happens the weather is forecast to be awful so it is academic. I am however sad to have missed them as they are one of the highlights of the area.

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