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Back to Salcombe

Yesterday we too advantage of the calmer weather to make a dash for Salcombe. Our options were rather limited because the bad weather was forecast to continue. Sandra had never been to Salcombe so it was a good decision.

Graham and Ginny had left an hour before us but we too the outside route and we managed to catch them u by the time we reached the entrance. We had to slow our entrance has the coastguard was towing in a Rustler 42; later we found out that they had suffered a fire in their engine room. There is never a good time for this sort of thing but in a year of lockdown when they will have had almost no use of their boat made this a particularly sad thing to happen.

The harbour master had given us a tip and had suggested that we could go up river with the tide to a pub and have a quick lunch so this morning I called the pub and the lady said they were fully booked but not to worry as they had 22 outside tables so it would not be a problem. Graham and Ginny left first in their new dinghy, we had the benefit of a rib so we could go a lot faster then them. Off we set and it turned out to be a lot further than we expected and on the way up to the Crabshell Inn at Kingsbridge the water open out to the west and at this point we were really exposed to the wind and we really did get wet. We arrived and struggled to find anywhere to tie up we were directed to a sheer wall which was a bit of a game.

I went to the bar to get drinks whilst Graham queued up for food. When I eventually got to the front of the queue I was turned away as I was told I had to get a table first. Outside we stood with our food order only to be told that there were no tables and no we could not eat it on the quay we would have to make it a "take away" . I felt awful as I had suggested it and it took us 35 minutes in the dinghy to get there. So we all returned to Sea Crusader where at least one bottle of wine was used to wash it down.

Later we went into the village for a stroll.

  • Ready for the off
  • On the quay
  • In the town looking up river.



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